Saturday, June 29, 2013

Check-In #5

Starting weight: 205 lbs.
Previous weigh-in (two weeks ago): 194 lbs.
This week's weight: 194 lbs.

This has me feeling surprised and disappointed. I was away from the blog for two weeks, and at one point I was approaching 190. I spent a week back in my hometown visiting friends and family. There was a whole lot of walking around and healthy eating, and I really expected that to have a good effect. I guess it was countered by the soda I had through that week, plus the junk food I grazed on during the bus trips to and from the hometown.

I guess I can at least be glad I didn't gain weight back. Still, I'm not happy with this lack of change. I expect to see better results next week. 54 pounds remain until I reach my goal.

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